TerraClean is relatively new to the UK market and as a garage that likes to be at the leading-edge of technology, we are proud to be offering this innovative service. A TerraClean service removes any carbon and lacquers that build up in your vehicle’s engine and this improves its efficiency, will give you more miles per gallon and also reduces harmful emissions.

We can provide a TerraClean service for both petrol and diesel cars, vans, trucks, and agricultural plant and machinery so if you want to know more about what TerraClean can do for your vehicle then please get in touch.

Originally developed in Canada, TerraClean is extensively used throughout Canada and the US and is now starting to make an impact in the UK. At Cross Motor Engineering we were quick to see the benefits of TerraClean in terms of reduced fuel costs and lowering emissions and we are delighted that we can offer this service to our customers.

We recommend that your vehicle should have a TerraClean service after around 15,000 miles. By the time your vehicle has done this level of mileage there will be a significant build –up of carbon which will be making your vehicle less fuel efficient and also increasing your emissions.

With TerraClean, the benefits that you will receive include:

Better cold starting

Quieter running of the vehicle

Improved Power and Torque

Improved fuel economy

Less smoke from the exhaust

Reduction in flat spots when accelerating

Less harmful emissions

Less carbon build-up in exhaust and engine

Improved lifecycle for engine components

TerraClean is an advanced cleaning system that connects to the vehicle using high quality OEM specific adaptors. Essentially, the TerraClean machinery works as the vehicle’s fuel tank and fuel pump which enables the thorough cleaning of the internal engine components without having to dismantle the engine. The TerraClean system will remove the build-up of carbons and tars from injection pumps, fuel injectors, valves, manifolds, combustion chambers and oxygen sensors. Once this has been completed, your vehicle will benefit from being more efficient and greener to run.

TerraClean is the most innovative, advanced and effective decarbonisation solution to today’s engine cleaning problems. It is ideal for high compression, multi-valve, direct injection, petrol engines as well as modern high performance diesel engines.

To find out more about TerraClean and the benefits it can offer, please contact us now and speak to one of our specialist team.