We offer a tuning service that is guaranteed to improve fuel efficiency, resulting in improved miles per gallon, plus a better performance response including more power and torque.

At Cross Motor Engineering we are agents for Quantum Tuning which remaps the software on your engine ECU (Engine Control Unit) to safely gain power and torque. This improves driveability and also gives you enhanced fuel economy.

When new cars are manufactured there are a number of considerations relating to fuel quality, heat and humidity, power, torque etc. Our Quantum Tuning service will optimise the tuning of your vehicle so that you get the best performance.

All modern vehicles have an ECU unit which contains a processor that analyses information from various sensors throughout the engine. It will look at areas such as engine temperature, oxygen content in burnt exhaust gases, accelerator pedal angle and a whole host of other factors.  With this information the ECU unit can then add the correct quantity of fuel, at the optimum time to provide the best fuel economy, vehicle performance and emission control. Our Quantum Tuning service will ensure your vehicle is working at its full capacity.

When car manufacturers develop new vehicles they will configure the performance settings of the vehicle to the areas they intend to sell it in. This means it may have to take into account factors such as temperature extremes, emission laws, and sub-standard fuels. Because of these different operating conditions, the ECU map is not always optimised to give the best performance. Instead it is configured to the conditions that it will operate in.  ECU-remapping will optimise these settings, ensuring that you get the best performance from your vehicle.

We offer a comprehensive ECU remapping service which will tune areas such as fuel pressure, throttle pedal control and ignition advance so that you can the optimum performance from your engine. This will improve the power of the engine, increase its torque ability and also reduce fuel consumption.

At Cross Motor Engineering we tune and re-map the majority of vehicles including family cars, MPVs, 4WDs and commercial vehicles. We guarantee to improve fuel efficiency, prolong the life of your car and give your vehicle better performance, with huge savings gained in the long term.

Main benefits :- Up to 35% more power * Up to 35% more torque * Up to 15% fuel saving * Improved driveability * More responsive * Quieter and smoother * a 30 day money back guarantee !

We can offer Audi tuning, BMW tuning, Mercedes, Landrover, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugeot, Volkswagen plus many more. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle’s performance and want to know more about our Quantum Tuning service and exactly what it involves, then please get in touch and speak to one of our expert team. We would be happy to help.